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🎉 Introducing the BTS Magic Combo! 🎵

Immerse yourself in the world of BTS and experience the joy of surprises with our delightful BTS Magic Combo - a perfect blend of BTS-themed goodies and delightful treats! This combo includes:

1️⃣ BTS Book - 60 Pages: Dive into the BTS universe with this captivating BTS-themed book. Let the magic of BTS inspire your creativity as you fill its 60 pages with thoughts, dreams, and BTS-inspired musings.

2️⃣ Soap Tube: Refresh and revitalize with the scents of joy from the soap tube. It's a soothing addition to your self-care routine, making every moment magical.

3️⃣ Lipstick Gel Pen: Write and doodle in style with this enchanting lipstick-shaped gel pen. Let your words flow like BTS's music as you pen down your thoughts and inspirations.

4️⃣ Keychain: Carry the charm of BTS with you wherever you go with this delightful keychain. Let it be a reminder of the magic and joy that BTS brings to your life.

5️⃣ Camera Sharpener: Add a playful touch to your stationery collection with the camera-shaped sharpener. Keep your pencils sharp and ready to capture your BTS-inspired creations.

💌 Personalized Note: Make the combo even more special with a heartfelt and personalized note expressing your love and admiration for BTS. Share your appreciation for their music and the joy they bring to your life.

🎁 All these magical goodies come in our signature gift box - Baskets of Joy, adding an extra touch of excitement to your unboxing experience!

🎵 Experience the magic of BTS and the joy of surprises with the BTS Magic Combo! Whether you're writing in the BTS book, carrying the keychain, or enjoying the scents of the soap tube, this combo is sure to fill your day with happiness.

🎁 Gift this BTS Magic Combo to yourself or a fellow BTS enthusiast, and celebrate the spirit of BTS with love and joy. Make every moment magical and unforgettable with this thoughtful and delightful combo, where BTS and surprises come together in a harmonious melody! 🌟

BTS Magic Combo birthday gits for kids return gifts for kids

₹624.00 Regular Price
₹468.00Sale Price
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