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Indulge in the charm of our Lavender Dreams BT21 Gift Ensemble, elegantly presented within the "Baskets of Joy" signature gift box. This carefully curated assortment includes a captivating purple cute pouch, a pocket-sized BT21 mini diary, and a regal purple keychain.

The purple cute pouch seamlessly combines style and functionality, providing a chic way to keep your essentials within reach. Its vibrant shade adds a touch of personality to your everyday carry.

With the BT21 mini diary, you have a canvas to capture your thoughts, ideas, and sketches on the go. Its compact size makes it a delightful companion for those moments of inspiration.

Enhance your belongings with the purple keychain, boasting intricate design elements and a rich hue that exudes sophistication. Attach it to your belongings to infuse a touch of elegance into your daily routine.

Elevating the experience, all these carefully selected items are nestled within our "Baskets of Joy" signature gift box, a testament to your thoughtfulness in curating a gift that brings joy and style. With the Lavender Dreams BT21 Gift Ensemble, you're not just offering items; you're gifting an aura of charm and creativity that's sure to be cherished.

Lavender Dreams BT21 Gift Ensemble For kids

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