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Introducing the delightful Ice Cream Sipper Bottle - a refreshing and charming gift that will bring smiles to the faces of kids and add a touch of sweetness to their day! This sipper bottle is not only functional but also comes with exciting features that make it an ideal kids' gift and return gift for any ice cream-themed occasion.

🍦 Ice Cream Charm and Sticker: The sipper bottle comes with an adorable ice cream charm and sticker, adding a fun and whimsical touch to the design. The charming ice cream theme is sure to capture the hearts of kids and make every sip a delightful experience.

🎒 Adjustable Strap: The bottle is equipped with an adjustable strap, allowing kids to carry it easily wherever they go. Whether they attach it to their backpacks, belts, or carry it in their hands, the adjustable strap ensures convenient and hands-free transportation.

🍨 400 ml Capacity: With a generous 400 ml capacity, this sipper bottle provides ample space to keep kids hydrated throughout their day's adventures. It's perfect for school, picnics, playtime, and more.

🎨 Color as per Availability: The Ice Cream Sipper Bottle comes in a variety of delightful colors, adding an element of surprise as each gift is unique. The color as per availability ensures that each child receives a special and personalized sipper bottle.

This ice cream-themed sipper bottle will be a delightful hit at ice cream-themed parties, birthdays, or as a thoughtful return gift. Not only does it keep drinks cool and refreshing, but it also adds a fun and playful element to the occasion.

Watch as kids' faces light up with joy as they receive this charming Ice Cream Sipper Bottle with charms and stickers. Let them indulge in their love for ice cream while staying hydrated with this sweet and practical gift. Make every ice cream-themed celebration a memorable one with this delightful sipper bottle!


Icecream water bottle icecream sipper for kids

₹728.00 Regular Price
₹546.00Sale Price
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