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Unicorn Theme Heavy Quality Exam Pad for Kids (Set of 10)

This unicorn-themed heavy quality exam pad set is designed specifically for kids, making study time more fun and enjoyable. Each set includes 10 exam pads, providing ample supply for all their writing and note-taking needs.


1. Unicorn Themed Design: The exam pads feature adorable and vibrant unicorn designs that will capture your child's imagination and make studying more exciting.

2. Heavy Quality Paper: The exam pads are made from high-quality paper that is thick and durable, ensuring a smooth writing experience without any ink bleeding through the pages.

3. Ample Writing Space: Each page offers generous writing space, giving your child plenty of room to write down their notes, equations, diagrams, or thoughts. The pages are ruled, making it easy to organize their writing neatly.

4. Convenient Size: These exam pads are designed in a convenient size that fits perfectly in kids' school bags or desks. It measures (insert dimensions), allowing for easy transport and storage.

5. Versatile Use: These exam pads are suitable for various purposes, including regular school exams, homework, art projects, or even doodling during leisure time. Your child can unleash their creativity while developing their study skills.

6. Set of 10: This product comes in a set of 10 exam pads, providing excellent value for money. It ensures your child has ample supply for an extended period and reduces the need for frequent repurchases.

Whether your child is preparing for exams, practicing math problems, or jotting down their creative ideas, this unicorn-themed heavy quality exam pad set is a perfect choice. It combines functionality, durability, and an attractive design, making learning a more enjoyable experience for kids.

Unicorn exam pad heavy quality set of 10

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