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Elevate your writing experience and adorn your belongings with the Celestial Blue Unicorn Stationery Set. This enchanting collection includes a luxurious blue fur Unicorn diary, a finely crafted blue unicorn gel pen, and a captivating blue unicorn keychain.

The diary's plush blue fur cover provides a tactile experience that stimulates your senses as you pen down your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. The intricate unicorn emblem on the cover symbolizes the magic within your words.

The blue unicorn gel pen effortlessly glides across paper, ensuring that your writing experience is as smooth as the mythical creature it represents. Let your imagination take flight with every stroke of this remarkable pen.

Carry a piece of enchantment with you wherever you go with the mesmerizing blue unicorn keychain. Its detailed design and celestial blue hue make it an eye-catching accessory for your keys, bag, or even as a decorative piece.

Indulge in the allure of fantasy and elegance with the Celestial Blue Unicorn Stationery Set. Whether you're capturing fleeting thoughts or creating timeless stories, this set is designed to inspire and delight, making every writing moment a magical journey.

Comes in baskets of joy signature gift box

Celestial Blue Unicorn Stationery Set For kids in gift box

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